Ever find yourself wanting a lovely little vessel that is perfect for a single flower or a small bunch of flowers that you picked from your own garden? My Native Porcelain Botanic vases are decorated with a beautiful selection of florals from around Australia. Happy on their own or grouped together as a set.
I am passionate about making objects which transcend something unique about the land we live in. Whether it is colour, texture, form, or just captures a quality which triggers memory. 

They are created on the potters’ wheel from porcelain clay and have inlayed carvings on the external surface which are filled with coloured glaze. They are sanded to a soft, smooth finish outside, are glazed inside, and are weighted; making them ideal for holding a beautiful selection of flowers. Each piece also has the plant/flora species engraved within the foot rim for your reference. They all have their own story to tell and I strive to make my items precious and unique in their own way.